About the Conference

dg.o 2017: 18th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research

Theme: Innovations and Transformations in Government

City University of New York

College of Staten Island, Staten Island, NY

June 7-9, 2017 (Wednesday – Friday)


 The Digital Government Society (DGS) announces the 18th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research - dg.o 2017, with the theme " Innovations and Transformations in Government."  The dg.o 2017 will be hosted by the City University of New York, College of Staten Island Campus, NY, June 7--9, 2017. 

The dg.o conference is an established forum for presentation, discussion, and demonstration of interdisciplinary research on digital government, political participation, civic engagement, technology innovation, applications, and practice. Each year the conference brings together scholars recognized for the interdisciplinary and innovative nature of their work, their contributions to theory (rigor) and practice (relevance), and their focus on important and timely topics.


The 18th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research will feature the main theme of "Innovations and Transformations in Government."  Technological advances and the "open data movement" have been a catalyst for disruptive innovations in government, causing radical re-thinking of the traditional assumptions and expectations regarding how governments should function and how governance can be changed.  The provision of public goods and services that have been considered as core government functions can now be initiated and created by citizens and/or private partners through collaborations.   

The conference theme will highlight challenges and solutions in harnessing innovations and transformations in government.  Innovative designs in all aspects of government, including people, services, data, policy, governance, collaboration, and democracy, require leadership talent, creative ideas and implementation strategies, and clear success criteria for evaluating solutions.  

We welcome research and practice contributions from around the world on the topics including but not limited to innovation strategies, policy innovations, citizen services, engagement innovations, data-driven decision innovations, etc. that address various current societal, environmental and economic challenges.



Two global communities, the Digital Government Society (DGS) and the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), will partner in June 2017 to build new bridges between research and practice, with a shared goal of creating new interdisciplinary, multi-sector partnerships within the world’s communities focused on innovation. Both DGS and the ICF have convened respective communities in cities all around the world. This year they are bringing their communities together in New York to share knowledge, allow each group to network at a deeper level and explore new partnerships to advance urban and rural innovation.

On June 7, 2017, the DGS and ICF’s representatives will host the joint program at the City University of New York Staten Island campus for the ICF’s annual Summit and the dg.o conference. For one day, members of both communities will present a set of joint and complementary sessions that provide attendees with a chance to hear from global leaders from across the world’s leading regions, cities and towns. Attendees will participate in master classes and workshops, and seek to build collaborations focused on advancing the scholarship, policy and practice of urban and rural innovation. The capstone of the collaboration of these two communities will be the announcement of the world’s Top7 intelligent communities at a joint reception in Manhattan on the evening of June 7th.