Accepted Tracks

·       Social Media and Government
       (Chairs: Andrea Kavanaugh and Rodrigo Sandoval)

·       Organizational Factors, Adoption Issues and Digital Government Impacts
       (Chairs: Jing Zhang, Yu-Che Chen, Lei Zheng)

·       Opening and Engaging Government: from open data to collaboration
       (Chairs: Marijn Janssen, Vishanth Weerakkody, and Adegboyega Ojo)

·       Smart Cities, Smart Citizens and Smart Government
       (Chairs: Sehl Mellouli & Yigal Arens)

·       Cyber Security in Governments
       (Chairs: Loni Hagen, Hun-Yeong Kwon, Wookjoon Sung, Soon Ae Chun)

·       Beyond Bureaucracy: Co-Producing Governance
       (Chairs: Alois Paulin & Leonidas Anthopoulos)

·       Open Data as Government Actions: Policy or Politics
       (Chairs: Boyi Li, Kyung Ryul Park)

·       E-Participation and co-production of public services
       (Chairs: Claudia Cappelli, Cristiano Maciel & José Viterbo Filho