Tutorials & Workshops

Call for Workshop and Pre-Conference Tutorials Proposals

Dg.o 2017 is soliciting proposals for new and recurring workshops and pre-conference tutorials. Dg.o 2017 will hold multiple one-day workshops/ pre-conference tutorials in conjunction with the conference, to be held in New York, NYC, USA from June 7 to 9, 2017. Workshops/ Pre-conference tutorials will take place on Wednesday, June 7.

We invite you to submit workshop/pre-conference tutorial proposals on any topic related to the broad set of research and application areas covered by the dg.o conference. We welcome workshops/pre-conference tutorials on topics in e-government research, practice, research methodologies, technologies or field experience. Workshops/Pre-conference tutorials are half- or full-day events intended to offer interactive sessions, in which the workshop/pre-conference tutorial host and participants discuss and engage in activities designed to facilitate joint learning and further exploration of a particular subject. Novel ideas, controversial issues, open problems and comparisons of competing approaches are strongly encouraged as workshop/pre-conference tutorial topics.

A workshop/pre-conference tutorial proposal should be written using the following template for workshop/pre-conference tutorial proposal (MS Word). The workshop/pre-conference tutorial proposal should contain at least the following information:
  • Motivation and rationale for the workshop/pre-conference tutorial.
  • A draft Call for Papers (CFP), as complete as possible.
  • Names, affiliations and full data contact of main organizers. Please indicate whether invited speakers have been contacted, and whether they have accepted the invitation.
  • Workshop/Pre-conference tutorial format, including the goal of the workshop/pre-conference tutorial, the main topics, motivation and the relevance of the workshop/pre-conference tutorial to dg.o 2017.
  • Expected number of participants and main target audience.
  • If appropriate, a brief explanation of how the workshop relates to other workshops and conferences on similar topics.

Workshop/Pre-conference tutorial organizers should organize their workshops under the direction of the dg.o 2017 workshop/pre-conference tutorial chairs. The responsibilities of the workshop/pre-conference tutorial organizers include distributing a Call For Papers on appropriate mailing lists and to relevant research groups and updating the workshop/pre-conference tutorial’s data or including relevant information in the dg.o 2017 webpage about the workshop/pre-conference tutorial when needed (with the help and prior review of the dg.o 2017 workshop/pre-conference tutorial chairs).

If you have questions about your workshop/pre-conference tutorial proposal, do not hesitate to contact the workshop chairs.

Workshops Chairs:
  • Rony Medaglia, Business School, Denmark (rm.itm@cbs.dk)
  • Manuel Pedro Rodríguez Bolívar, University of Granada, Spain (manuelp@ugr.es)



All submissions should follow the ACM Proceedings formatting templates specified at https://www.acm.org/publications/proceedings-template  (See ACM_SigConf sample document.)

For content, the following elements should be included:
  • Workshop/Pre-conference tutorial title:
  • Workshop/Pre-conference tutorial organizer(s) (full contact data of organizers –names, affiliations, short bios, email and telephone number-):
  • Goal of the workshop/Pre-conference tutorial (aims of the workshop/Pre-conference tutorial):
  • Workshop/Pre-conference tutorial theme (a maximum of four paragraphs that describe the main topic of the workshop/Pre-conference tutorial, the motivation of the workshop/Pre-conference tutorial and its relevance to dg.o 2107):
  • Scope of the workshop/Pre-conference tutorial (areas to be covered by the workshop/Pre-conference tutorial and a tentative program sketch):
  • Tentative names of invited speakers (where appropriate):
  • Expected number of workshop/Pre-conference tutorial sessions (each session is one hour and a half -maximum two sessions-): .
  • Likely participants (target audience):.
  • Information on the previously organized Workshops/Pre-conference tutorial (if any):  For example: SAPSE2014 (5 submissions, 4 accepted, 80% acceptance ratio, ~10 attendees)

For detailed submission guidelines, go to submission guidelines
For submit a proposal, go to submission site